Patch node.js to run on Android <= 4.0.4

TL;DR node.js crashes when ran on Android API level 15 and below due to libuv use of pthread_sigmask which is broken on older versions of Android. If libuv is patched with the fix for that function everything works fine.

As part of the journey to try and

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node.js with chakra

So, a pretty exciting thing happened recently!

One of the projects that I've been working on for the last year or so @MSFT, a fork of node.js that uses the Chakra JavaScript engine instead of v8, was released and open sourced on github!

It is all available here: https

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I've talked earlier this week about NodeRT at the conference!
It was more or less my first ever talk at a tech-conference of this kind :)

It was a truly awesome experience, as I've got to meet lots of awesome people and hear many interesting talks. (Even got to

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