Intellisense for NodeRT modules

Writing node.js code with NodeRT just got a lot easier - thanks to its latest feature - intellisense support for Node.js tools for Visual Studio:

It even supports TypeScript:

In order to use the new intellisense feature, you should:
1. Choose to generate the intellisense definitions files by choosing this option in the UI, or alternatively, use the --generatedef switch in the cmd line tool.
2. Copy the generated module to the node_modules directory of your node.js project.
2. For JavaScript intellisense - require the module in your code, intellisense should then appear in your VS project.
3. For TypeScript - add a "reference path" comment to the top of your type script file. A reference for the geolocation module, for example, will look like this:

///<reference path='./node_modules/windows.devices.geolocation/lib/NodeRT_Windows_Devices_Geolocation.d.ts' />

Make sure to replace the references to windows.devices.geolocation with the name of the NodeRT module that you're using.