A few weeks ago, a couple of us here at Microsoft Israel released & open sourced a cool new tool called NodeRT, which enables the use of the Windows Store APIs from inside node.js javascript code.

NodeRT opens up a whole new set of scenarios for node.js on windows, by using a few lines of code you can, for example, access your geolocation data, sensors, camera and much more.

For example, using NodeRT, you can get your current location with just 6 lines of code:

var geolocation = require('windows.devices.geolocation');  
var locator = new geolocation.Geolocator();

locator.getGeopositionAsync( function(err, res) {'(', res.coordinate.longitude, ',',  res.coordinate.latitude, ')');

For more information, documentation, and the tool itself, take a look at the NodeRT github repository: