Making node speak

In today's episode, we'll learn how to make node.js speak using the built-in windows TTS (text-to-speech) system.

[The code samples shown here + all modules are available at:]

Obtaining a speech stream

The simplest way for producing a stream of speech from a given

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Connecting Spotify to your Windows lockscreen in 36 lines of code

In this tutorial we will make our Windows 8/8.1 lockscreen more dynamic and colorful, by displaying whatever track currently playing on Spotify on the lockscreen, using node.js and a couple of NodeRT & out of the box npm modules.

The full script & modules are available at

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A few weeks ago, a couple of us here at Microsoft Israel released & open sourced a cool new tool called NodeRT, which enables the use of the Windows Store APIs from inside node.js javascript code.

NodeRT opens up a whole new set of scenarios for node.js on

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Hi guys, My name is Nadav Bar, I'm a software engineer, currently working at Microsoft, and I've been into software and writing code...well...since I can remember myself, I guess.

I've been working for Microsoft Israel for the past 2 years, and among the things I've been doing here

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